Wireless Fileshare (Mac and XP)

on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Want to learn how to connect your Mac to your PC using your wireless router? It is relatively simple to share files between Apple and PC, contrary to popular belief. This is thanks to adobe and Microsoft products which use the same types of files. But if you have multiple computers on a single wireless router (or wired to the same router), you can share and copy files from one computer to another regardless of the operating system! Just follow these directions to link a Mac and PC, or repeat the Mac or PC section twice to connect a PC to PC and Mac to Mac.

You came to the right spot! Keep reading for the easy instructions on connecting XP to Leopard!

Going to do my best to make this as easy as possible.

1. Make sure both computers are on same wireless network connection.

Windows Setup:
1. Go to folder you wish to share (e.g. My Documents)
2. Left click > Properties > Sharing tab

3. Click on "Share this folder on Network"
4. Type in a share name - this is what the folder will be called on network.
Click ok.

5. Start menu > left click on My Computer > Properties

6. Click "Computer Name" Tab > "Change..."

7. Change the name of workgroup - one word, whatever you like
(Can change computer name under "Computer Name")

Mac Setup

1. Click on Airport (symbol with 4 arches) > "Open Network Preferences...

2. Make sure "AirPort is selected

3. Click "Advanced" > WINS tab
4. In "workgroup", Type in same workgroup name as on XP
5. Click OK > Apply

6. Open "System Preferences" > "Sharing"
7. Click "File Sharing" checkbox

8. Click Options > select "Share files and folders using SMB

You are now ready to fileshare! To access XP from Mac:

1. Click on Hard Drive
2. Select XP computer under "Network"
3. Click on "Sign in as..."
4. If prompts for username/password - use same username/password as if logging in on XP

To access Mac from XP:
1. Open "My Network Places"
2. Click on View workgroup computers
3. Open Mac computer
4. If prompts for username/password - use same username/password as logging in on mac

Also, check out my site and iMOB Codes.

This simple process helped me connect my mac and pc. I am operating on Microsoft XP on a dell and Leopard on Mac. The Mac was purchased in September 2008 and the PC in July 2005. Good luck! If you have any questions, please leave a comment. Instructions on how to connect a PC and Mac with Synergy coming soon!